Communicate More Efficiently

Your communications are critical to your company's success, no matter your core business. Whether your expertise lies in manufacturing, sales, or service, efficient communication with your customers and between your employees is essential.

However, your telecommunication expenditures may not be as efficient as the rest of your business. Thatís where Price Communications Consultants comes in.

Many companies spend 15-20% more than is necessary on voice and data solutions. We can help you streamline your expenditures and at the same time improve your systemís efficiency and effectiveness. And, in many cases, we can do this at no cost to you.

Why Price Communications?

Price Communications has relationships with dozens of telecom carriers, bandwidth providers and leaders in the telecommunications industry. We utilize those relationships, and our expertise in the industry, to your advantage. We guide you through confusing options to arrive at the best telecommunications solution for your company. In the meantime, you concentrate on your core business and your IT professionals focus on their areas of expertise.

Our Services

Price Communications has a wide range of services to help you with the development, management and fiscal control of your telecommunications systems. The foundation of everything we do, however, is the same: Customer Service. When it comes to finding the best deals for you, we are impartial, aggressive and always personally accessible.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Order Management
  • Implementation of Services
  • Assistance with Moves, Adds, or Changes of your services
  • Invoice Auditing and billing resolution
  • Vendor Management including management of service issues

Satisfied Customers

Price Communications has partnered with literally hundreds of companies to design advanced, cost effective, and reliable voice and data solutions. Our industry knowledge and wealth of experience consistently pay dividends for our client base. We invite you to browse our web site to see what we have done for our clients in the past and what we can do for your company, starting today.

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